September 25 Concert Is Sold Out But the Program Notes Are Available

This Saturday’s concert by Wu Han, Philip Setzer and David Finckel is sold out. We need to emphasize that no tickets will be available for sale at the auditorium. Only those who have already purchased tickets can be admitted. If you bought your tickets through the website you can check in at the reception desk. And if you bought your tickets by mail, bring the printed ticket.

Wu Han, Philip Setzer and David Finckel are preparing a magnificent program that ticket holders will enjoy. We are happy to be able to present the Program Notes which include insightful background on the artists and the compositions.

We must also require that everyone who attends the September 25 concert must complete a health screening form that is required by the Tarrytown School District. To speed check-in, ticket holders will be sent an email with a copy of this form so it can be printed and completed at home. We will have the forms at reception if you are not able to bring a completed form. You can also get a copy of the form to print by clicking here. Each individual attending the concert needs to complete their own copy of the form.

In the auditorium, ticket holders are asked to cooperate with the staff as we enforce masking and social distancing requirements that have been established by the school district. Two empty seats must remain vacant between each set of occupied seats. Alternate rows must remain un-occupied.

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