Partnership in Education Program

Our Partnership in Education program is the vehicle through which we hope to create future generations of classical music lovers and life-long supporters of the arts by enriching already existing school music programs. Grant applications are mailed to almost 40 Westchester school districts every fall. Last year we added private schools into the mix as well.  There is no cost to the schools at all for the performances or the clinical workshops and master classes. We also offer free students tickets to all of our performances at Sleepy Hollow HS.

Communication is key — both through music and professional interaction with students. The music and musicians must be energetic, informative, and appealing to young audiences and our participating award winning artists certainly accomplish those qualities/goals and much more with ease.

These  award-winning young artists bring their talents, personal stories, artistry, creativity, imagination,  to their performances as well as work shop experiences.  They are young, vibrant, excellent rapport with students, they’re out  in the field with visibility online,  you tube and facebook – all of which make the classroom experience for our partner schools important and memorable. They know how to relate very well to these very interested high school students. They have fun.

All the young musicians who participate in our Partnership in Education program have educational outreach as a part of their mission. 

  • Developing musicianship
  • Listening to one another
  • Communicating with fellow musicians
  • focusing in on technical skills
  • teaching chamber music techniques
  • orchestral string section techniques
  • looking at the conductor
  • interpreting the music
  • precision
  • understanding the relationship between the music and the performer
  • importance of practice and patience
  • having fun
  • becoming one with the music
  • increasing knowledge of music history/ literature
  • the cross-curricular implications
  • focus and discipline
  • improvisation — PUBLIQuartet

To apply, please complete our application form.

Application deadline is October 31, 2023.

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