Internal Board Survey

Mission, Values & Vision

Not trueSomewhat trueLargely trueFully true
The mission statement is clear
The mission statement explains why we exist
The mission statement is compelling
The mission statement defines our customer base

S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis

Now, look at the internal characteristics and external circumstances of the organization. Which of these will work for – or against the organization's success in the next three to five years? Give some thought to the things the organization does BEST, and those things that NEED IMPROVEMENT (internal characteristics of the organization). Then, look outside of the organization. Do you recognize any opportunities that your organization should take advantage of now or in the next three to five years? Are there threats or barriers to your organization's success that we can anticipate?


Now think about the goals that the organization will need to establish in order to achieve the vision that has been described above. Please try to identify several more specific things that must change and describe HOW they should change. Again, don’t worry about commenting in every category, or writing beautiful goal statements – we’re going for ideas at this point.

Assessment of Board Performance

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
The board reviews the bylaws regularly (and revises when necessary) to ensure legal compliance and consistency with current practices.
The board has the right people and skills to govern and lead the organization.
The board is strategic and pro-active about identifying and recruiting new board members.
The board is proactive in building leadership and planning for officer succession planning.
The board thoroughly orients new board members to the organization and board service.
The Board’s committee structure (or other approach to carrying out work) is appropriate to the size and needs of the organization.
Committee Chairs and/or board and staff leadership do an effective job planning board and committee agendas and preparing for meetings.
We receive written reports to the board in advance of our board and committee meetings
Board leaders provide effective guidance and leadership to the board.
Board members have a positive working relationships and demonstrate mutual respect.
We do a good job encouraging and dealing with different points of view.
Not TrueSlightly TrueModerately TrueVery TrueDon't Know
The board approves the annual budget
The board monitors financial performance through written financial reports
The board approves revisions to the annual budget as necessary
The board develops, reviews and revises the financial policies
The board plans for the longterm financial viability of the organization
The board reviews insurance needs and coverage annually
Describes my backgroundDescribes someone on our boardHigh priority needLow priority needNot a current need
Neighborhood / Community representative
Nonprofit management
Accounting expertise
Marketing / PR
Program Development
Political connections
Represent ethnic / racial minorities
Musician / music production experience
Community economic development experience

Looking Ahead

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