David W. Kraft

David and his family reside in Briarcliff Manor where he has lived since 1963. He discovered FOM concerts shortly thereafter and has been an enthusiast ever since. He joined the Board in 1970 as Arrangements Chair and subsequently served as Vice President, House Manger, as Chair of several ad hoc committees and currently as Archivist.

David’s other passions include theater, tennis and sailing at Cape Cod.  Professionally, he has a doctorate in physics from Penn State and teaches mathematics and physics at the University of Bridgeport.

MUSICAL NOTES: David’s interest in music began when, as a small boy in Germany, he listened with his father to concerts broadcast on the radio and was further developed when he accompanied his father to the summer concerts of the Goldman Band in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and through “music appreciation” classes in grade school.  He hopes that FOM concerts can play a similar role for young people today.

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